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Leisure and Outdoor has been a large part of the Hotel Show Dubai for the last 15 years. Recently the leisure industry has experienced exceptional growth and now accounts for over 70% of the total travel and tourism spend in the GCC.

For this reason we have decided to extend the Leisure section of The Hotel Show to a much bigger area with its own focus. This gives us the ability to reach a much broader audience of the decision makers and suppliers responsible for design, build, equipping, maintaining and operating facilities both within hotels, resorts and outside of the hospitality industry i.e. real estate, shopping malls, destinations etc.

The Leisure part of The Hotel Show caters to four main sectors, Outdoor Design, Furniture & Equipment; Pool and Spa; Sports & Fitness; and Recreational Fun and Adventure. If your organization is involved in any of these activities and would like to meet with the designers, architects, contractors, real estate developers and decision makers responsible for USD 73.07 billion in total value of Leisure projects in the construction stage in GCC, then you cannot afford to miss this event.

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