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Wellness starts here – Maison Santé Clinic and Lounge

30 Nov. 2022

Home of Wellness - Explore the newly opened Maison Santé concept, a well-being sanctuary in the city.


Blending Eastern and Western medical knowledge, Maison Santé is your new home for regeneration, balance and growth of body and mind. Maison Santé connects you to an ecosystem of experts in preventive medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, physiotherapy and psychology.

The tranquil and aesthetically pleasing clinic, on the 2nd floor of Meyan Mall on Al Thanya Street, redefines the philosophy of holistic wellness, taking the best elements of current global health practice and combining them into a holistic package in the simplest possible way.

Maison Santé delivers a full suite of medical treatments, along with a raft of other health services, such as nutrition coaching, designed to maintain and maximise good health.


The concept also offers a carefully-curated selection of premium supplements and organic retail and food products. There’s even the chance to relax before or after your visit in Maison Santé’s healthy cafe and lounge area.

Dr. Maria Alonso, Co-Founder & Medical Director, says: “At Maison Santé, we believe prevention is the future of medicine. Health care needs to start focusing on preventing diseases rather than curing them. Treatments for existing diseases, especially chronic diseases, should have an emphasis on holistic and natural treatments, and mental health is a pivotal part of that.

“The ultimate goal is to help our clients achieve and sustain personal well-being, health and happiness. Our thorough assessments are designed to give us a detailed picture of our patient’s state of mental and physical health at that moment and which areas need special attention. That will enable us to make personalized treatment plans that treat root causes rather than only symptoms and include lifestyle recommendations as well.


“Post-pandemic, everyone is taking health and wellness more seriously - and preventive medicine has a vital role to play in our health sector - and we are happy and grateful to be able to contribute to transform Dubai and the UAE into a healthier country.”

Dr. Alonso, herself a highly experienced doctor, holds dual licences in preventive and traditional Chinese medicine, specialising in lifestyle medicine, mental well-being, women’s health, fertility and gut health.
Her team of multilingual practitioners are equally highly experienced and are all enjoying working together creating better health for everyone in Dubai.

Maison Santé heralds a new era in local health care, offering a one-stop holistic place for mind and body, with a mission to educate patients and raise public awareness about the importance of preventive and holistic medicine. The uplifting yet relaxing environment instantly revitalises clients, backed by a triptych of fantastic service, state-of-the-art equipment and highly professional practitioners.