Tajana Trtanj

Founder of TT, the first high end “members only club” in Croatia, Tajana blended medical treatments, challenging sport protocols with relaxing SPA programs without knowing the science behind it. Epigenetic science today confirms that she was right and that her early programs did reverse aging, optimize her clients health and boost performance for professional athletes at her club.

These results were recognized by the “Rezidor Hotel Group” and she started her international journey as a Task Force Wellness Director in charge of 10 Radisson Blue hotel openings in North Africa. In 2012 at the A4M Anti Age symposium she met Chris Moore, founder of Nordic lab and ever since then they have been working together. Merging scientific functional medicine tests with all her back to nature wellness concepts, Medical Wellness became her life and many clinics and wellness hotels around the world ( have implemented DNA Wellness, D/Code or EPI Wellness protocols in their practice.

Founders of EPI Wellness Tajana and her husband are determent to change the perception of the Wellness industry from pampering to the forefront of health. Currently in the heart of the futuristic city of Dubai Tajana is launching new programs for well-known Dubai Premium Clinic – Biolite, followed by openings of 8 medical SPA’s due in 2023/24.