30 May. 2024




In the realm of wellness, the sauna experience is synonymous with relaxation, detoxification, and rejuvenation. An age-old tradition, saunas have long been accompanied by the practice of cooling down. However, traditional cooling methods, such as cold-water immersion, might not suit everyone, especially those with chronic illnesses and pain sensitive people

By the use of snow, a much more gentle and holistic cooling down is introduced, making it an inclusive method to rebalance the body after a sauna session. With TechnoAlpin Indoors snow solutions, the SNOWROOM and SNOWSKY, the cool-down process becomes accessible to all, offering holistic benefits to everyone, regardless of age, physical fitness and cold-sensitiveness.

Cooling relief

The Snowroom is not just an alternative solution that provides accessibility to cold therapy, but it is particularly therapeutic for individuals with chronic pain or conditions like inflammatory rheumatic diseases, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, circulatory, and sleep disorders. Its controlled cooling effect reduces inflammation and eases discomfort. For arthritis, it numbs joints and enhances mobility. Fibromyalgia sufferers benefit from improved temperature regulation and potential sleep enhancement. Snow's vasoconstrictive properties aid circulation for circulatory issues. Overall, snow provides a holistic approach to managing pain and improving well-being.

"I have rheumatism, for several years already. I was told that only extreme cold, down to -100°C, would provide relief. I can only say that the few minutes in the snow room at 'only' -10°C had a very positive effect, especially during the second and third visit."- Woman, 49 years old, participant in the study of the snow room application from Dr. Christian Thuile.
(source: Thuile. Christian/Außerer Oskar (2014): Schneesauna. Die Wellness Revolution. Eine Methode nach Dr. med. Christian Thuile, 1st ed., Vienna: Kneipp Verlag)

Holistic and Gentle Cooling

After indulging in the soothing heat of a sauna, the cooling process is essential to restore the body's equilibrium.

Cold therapy has long been hailed for its array of health benefits, from reducing inflammation to improving circulation. However, its adoption can be deterred by the discomfort associated with extreme temperature changes. The gentle nature of snow cooling addresses this concern, making cold therapy more appealing to a diverse audience.

The rejuvenating sensation of a snow-filled room offers a cooling effect on the respiratory tract and invigorates the skin, promoting an overall sense of refreshment. This gentle cooling process prevents the shock often associated with abrupt temperature changes, making it a safe and comfortable option for everyone, including individuals with heart or health issues and preventing dizziness.

The snow's mild cooling effect, combined with a significant temperature difference of 110 °C between the finnish sauna and the SNOWROOM, allows those with sensitive systems to partake in a healthy cool-down without the risk of shock. This inclusivity empowers a wider range of individuals to engage in the restorative benefits of post-sauna cooling, promoting overall well-being and relaxation.

Easy access and diverse needs

From a building perspective the SNOWROOM’s accessibility has been meticulously crafted into every detail. The thoughtfully designed doors ensure easy entry for individuals using wheelchairs, while the minimum dimensions provide a spacious environment for all to enjoy.

But inclusivity goes beyond physical access – it's also about catering to diverse needs. The SNOWROOM's snow and cold temperatures have been purposefully curated with individuals with allergies in mind. This way everyone, regardless of physical abilities or sensitivities is able to enjoy the beneficial effects of cold.

Breaking Cultural Barriers

One of the most remarkable aspects of snow as a cooling agent is its universal appeal. Regardless of cultural background, the sight and feel of snow elicit wonder and fascination. The incorporation of snow into the cool-down process introduces an element of surprise and delight that transcends cultural boundaries.  Snow's inclusivity and accessibility invite everyone to explore the advantages of cold therapy without fear or apprehension.