• While the benefits of spa and wellness activities have long been known to reduce stress and help us recharge our batteries, recently, there has been an increased focus on adopting a more holistic, mindful living approach all round. Today, it seems, we’re looking beyond beauty and fitness, and embracing the broader concept of wellness as part of a longer-term investment in our physical and mental health needs. Chirine Salha, senior consultant at Ulysses Consulting, tells us more.



    Eco-friendly consumers want health clubs, spas and resort hotels to be as sustainable as possible. More operators are providing healthy food offerings, with gluten-free and vegan menus. Fitness wise, a rise in the popularity of organic and fair-trade sportswear, as well as clean eating, have led many gyms to dedicate space to incremental spends, such as juice bars and retail. Wellness destinations are now also collaborating with neuroscientists and psychotherapists for part-mind and part-body workouts.

    Spas and fitness centers stand to benefit from adapting to this changing wellness perception, which prompts several questions, including: what are consumers now demanding as part of their wellness experience and how is this changing the offerings of spas and gyms? And which trends are currently impacting the wellness industry or look likely to in the future?

    Wellness coaching
    Fast gaining in popularity, wellness coaching focuses mostly on the mental aspects of wellbeing. Personal trainers are increasingly implementing the techniques of wellness coaching into their fitness practices, such as goal-setting.

    Hi-tech future
    It is imperative that spa and health club operators embrace and keep up to date with technology. This area is now seen as so critical to success that new managerial posts have been created to drive and support it, such as head of personal analytics and chief digital officer.

    Forward-thinking operators will realise the hi-tech future rests not just with their own equipment, but with the gadgets their members bring with them, such as apps and wearable technology. The wellness pairing with technology will further manifest itself through myriad adaptations. These include:
    – Group exercise will be more of an audio-visual experience, with live ‘on-screen’ instructors, such as the F45 concept, which offers worldwide simultaneous workouts from a database of over 3,000 different exercises. This approach allows access to a larger pool of experts through virtual trainers, which enables facilities to offer world-class instructors and a variety of skills and workouts.
    – Spas and health clubs are moving away from the traditional reception desk, instead welcoming guests with a tablet computer equipped with cloud software and sensors that can identify their latest workouts or treatments and personalise them.
    – Although not yet a familiar sight in the Middle East, on-site 3D printing of beauty products, such as spa products and cosmetics, is poised to be a huge trend. 3D printing on site has a range of benefits, resulting in consumer products that are bespoke, fresher and with fewer preservatives, while also reducing storage space requirements, and shipping and delivery costs. This will have a significant impact on the relationship between suppliers and operators. Read More...

    Source: www.hospitalitynewsmag.com


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