• Staying Fit: Flipping out for health

    Do you easily get bored doing endless repetitions and rounds in the gym or crossfit box? Is running outside not your thing? Are you not the Adrenalin junkie who’ll fearlessly take on obstacle and adventure races in the wide outdoors? Are any of these not your idea of a great time at all?

    I know, you must be the type who wants to get fit but needs unadulterated non-stop fun incorporated in your exercises.

    Well then, you’ve got to try Flippin’ Fit at Flip Out, Al Quoz, because this trampoline-based workout will have you feeling like a kid again. I attended a session together with my friends and boy did we have a lot of fun.

    Flip Out Head Coach, Hesham Kamel, elaborates on this one-of-a-kind fat-burning activity. “Flippin’ Fit is a trampoline workout but the difference is you synchronise with the music. At some point, the beat will lead your training. During the 45-minute session, we will not stop. We will not have any rest but you’re welcome to have water from time to time. The burn continues from minute 1 onwards.” he says.

    Having done every prior workout on hard ground, it’s understandable it’s going to take a bit of time to get accustomed to the feel of the springy trampoline. But our trainer for the session, Kamel, took us on a 10-15 minute warm-up to get used to it while the beat of the music dictates timing of our movements. This isn’t a dance class so you don’t have to be well synchronised to participate, but it helps to have at least some form of coordination. After all, your playground is bouncy so there’s an added degree of difficulty.

    Once you get the hang of it though, you just want some serious hang time up in the air. But it isn’t just all about jumping aimlessly. Callisthenics play a big part and there is resistance training involved as well. Biceps curls, triceps extensions, overhead shoulder presses and squats were all done using resistance bands. You’re practically on your feet the whole time. You’re soaked in sweat and at times gasping for air but never exhausted, because it is so much fun.

    “Trampolines do not put that much pressure on your ankles and joints so you can keep going without stopping. It’s different from the floor workouts. In here, you enjoy the music while you maximise your burn. You achieve great results eventually. And there’s the fun element, of course.” Kamel adds.

    The area is wide and it’s put to good use especially in parts of the programme where you have to jump up and bounce for long periods and you either land on your bum, knees or feet. During these moments, you release your inner child and can’t help but shout with excitement.

    All in all, if you’re looking for an alternative way to melt fat, Flippin’ Fit is a terrific way to kick-start an active routine. It’s one of those perfect excuses to unglue yourself from the couch and start bouncing away on your fun road to fitness.


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