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LEMI Group launches AMALFI

30 Nov. 2022

LEMI Group launches AMALFI, a multifunctional table designed for a more comfortable experience.


Multifunctional solution designed as the union of the massage table and the pedicure station, Amalfi is a complete work tool, equipped with 3 electric motors for height, backrest and leg adjustment. The horseshoe-shaped mattress is specially designed with an easily removable section which, once reintegrated, offers a large and comfortable work surface.

The elegant base features a built-in hydromassage tub, equipped with the Hydromassage Pipeless system. It is therefore possible, through a simple hydraulic arrangement, to transform the classic treatment cabin into a wellness spa cabin with extreme practicality, offering a multifunctional station and complete pedicure spa.


Special features

  • 3 electric motors for height, backrest and leg rest adjustment
  • Standard pedal control with 2 options for MEMORY function, AUT function (automatic return from any position to zero position
  • Integrated hydromassage tub with “Pipeless” Hydromassage system which guarantees maximum hygiene and ease of cleaning
  • Mattress with horseshoe headrest
  • Fire-resistant, “Azo” free, antibacterial and antifungal mattress covering
  • Multifunctional solution, maximum customer/operator comfort