28 - 30 MAY 2024


Introducing Opulent Skincare Experiences to UAE Spas: House of Beauty’s Expertly Curated Brands

10 May. 2023

House of Beauty is revolutionising the wellness and beauty industry in the UAE by offering an unparalleled selection of luxurious skincare products to spas, salons, and aesthetic clinics.


By partnering with extraordinary brands, House of Beauty is dedicated to elevating the skincare experience and ensuring clients receive only the best.

In the ever-growing cosmetics market, discerning customers seek exceptional products. House of Beauty's mission is to provide an innovative approach to skincare by representing leading global brands that meet their stringent standards. Each brand undergoes a rigorous internal testing phase to ensure compliance with these exacting requirements.


The beauty brands available at House of Beauty have been meticulously chosen by their team of specialists. These unique, high-performance products have earned House of Beauty's seal of approval, indicating they are made from natural, high-quality ingredients and are exceptionally effective.

House of Beauty proudly offers an extensive catalog of health-conscious products crafted with natural ingredients. They are excited to introduce exclusive beauty brands never before seen in the UAE, such as Alqvimia. With over 30 years of experience creating unique cosmetics, Alqvimia prioritises nature and humanity in their 100% natural, eco-friendly products. Their holistic approach to beauty and health care has garnered international acclaim.

Alqvimia's exceptional reputation stems from their meticulous selection of the world's purest essential oils, their revival of ancient artisan perfumery traditions, and their deep understanding of botany. By combining these elements with cutting-edge techniques, Alqvimia has become a symbol of prestige in the beauty industry.

House of Beauty aims to create unforgettable rituals and treatments that immerse clients in a sensory, magical experience. Their expertly curated cosmetics will transform your spa into an oasis of luxury, offering an irresistible retreat for your patrons. Indulge in the world of House of Beauty and elevate your skincare offerings.