Gorjan Pavlic

Gorjan’s relationship with professional sport starts at very early age, back in Croatia, where his father was a well-known football coach. Naturally he was drawn to train and compete with the best, but severe knee injury stopped his progress. No wonder, later in life, he was attracted to learn more about sport injuries and prevention. In 2006, he successfully graduated at the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Zagreb, thereby obtaining a Master's degree in the field of Kinesiology. Right after that, in 2007, he completed postgraduate studies at the same faculty and obtained a Master's degree in the field of fitness for athletes.

As one of the best students of his generation, he was invited to work with many Croatian successful and world recognized athletes, right after graduation. As a result, he continuously improved in his primary field - injury prevention and fitness.

Such rich kinesiology knowledge combined with Wellness and business skills, as well as nutrition, preventative and personalized medicine took him to entrepreneurial waters. In 2020 Gorjan and his wife opened Epi Wellness-consulting company. They are determined to change the perception of Wellness industry from pampering to the forefront of health and prevention. Today EPI Wellness proudly presents many Medical Wellness projects in UAE and EU.