Dr. Maria Ridao Alonso

Dr. Maria began her journey 17 years ago with the dream of bringing Preventive Medicine and holistic care to Dubai. Pivotal part of this journey was her role as medical director at a leading medical centre for complementary medicine in Dubai, seeing and educating clients as well as raising public awareness about the importance of preventive and holistic medicine.

Today, she is the founder and medical director of Maison Santé, a wellness concept that combines modern and ancient medicine to help people live their most wholesome life.

Dr Maria completed her medical degree at Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhems- University, Bonn and a master’s degree at Dresden International University (Germany). She has worked several years in Neurology and Psychiatry and has additional training in Homeopathy and Naturopathy.  Now she holds dual licenses in preventive and traditional Chinese medicine, specialising in lifestyle medicine, mental well-being, women’s health, fertility and gut health. Living in Dubai has given her a unique expertise and appreciation of the diverse culture and lifestyle, allowing her to provide a highly personalised, compassionate approach that empowers both men and women to live their brightest, healthiest life.