d&b offers enhanced listening comfort at Dubai’s Hotel Show

31 May. 2024

d&b audiotechnik, the world-leading provider of professional audio systems, will present the benefits of its sound solutions at the forthcoming Hotel Show Dubai (4-6 June). At this global hub for the hospitality industry, to be held at Dubai’s World Trade Centre, d&b will show how its latest technologies can positively affect customer experience in a wide variety of environments.

“Hotel lobbies are often difficult acoustic environments – large spaces with highly reflective surfaces,” says d&b’s Michael Kinzel, “The importance of electro acoustics in these kinds of spaces is fundamental. Bad acoustics lead to distractions and discomfort. If guests are distracted by noise, they’re not feeling comfortable and don’t have a pleasant experience.”

He adds, “We want to ensure that decision-makers in this market fully understand the very real advantages of getting their sound installation right.”

At the Hotel Show, d&b will demonstrate how the high standards of concert sound offered by many of the world’s leading artists and performance venues can be harnessed for the benefit of hospitality environments. It will focus on two major offerings: custom solutions and the advanced possibilities of its renowned Soundscape technology.

Firstly, d&b offers a full solution to operators, from design and planning, including the understanding of acoustical challenges, to aesthetic and practical needs, with special colours or outdoor finishes where required. It also promises seamless third-party integration and interoperability with other technical systems, as well as attractive finance solutions.

Secondly, through its Soundscape technology, d&b is bringing the creative power of true immersive audio to a wide variety of premium entertainment and leisure spaces, from Broadway musicals to special events, and from houses of worship to the some of the world’s biggest international touring concerts. By creating a ‘natural’ sound, which tallies closely with visual stimuli, this technology offers immense benefits to the listening experience.

As part of the show’s conference programme, d&b will deliver an insightful 20-minute presentation on the scientific background to its technologies. It will demonstrate how, with a properly designed sound solution, hotel guests can enjoy a heightened sense of comfort and belonging in any given space.

With an impressive portfolio of successful installations at luxury hotels around the world, including the Six Senses in Ibiza, the Paradise Casino Hotel in Incheon, the prestigious Peninsula Hotel in London and the iconic W Hotel in Barcelona, the company is making a significant difference to the hospitality industry.

“We want hotel operators to understand that they can have the same sound signature as that offered by world-renowned concert artists like Taylor Swift, Coldplay, or Lady Gaga - controllable at their fingertips, in their hotel lobby, restaurant or bar,” says Kinzel.

Visitors can find d&b audiotechnik on booth SS3C61 at the Dubai Hotel Show, 4-6 June 2024.

About d&b audiotechnik. d&b audiotechnik provides professional audio technology and solutions to accurately transfer passions through high-end quality speech and music reproduction. d&b audiotechnik is internationally regarded as a leading company for sound reinforcement systems in installed and mobile applications, with a reputation for quality of construction, standard of service, system integration principles, and pioneering technological development.

Founded in Germany in 1981, d&b audiotechnik headquarters are located in Backnang, near Stuttgart, where research, development and production take place. With sales offices in major cities around the world, the d&b audiotechnik team numbers more than 600 co-workers.

d&b audiotechnik is part of d&b group which provides professional audio technology and AVLM solutions to create memorable, multisensorial experiences.